Best-Strategy Invitational

The Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI) is a global competition among high-performing GLO-BUS companies from around the world. Hosted and administered by the GLO-BUS author team, the BSI is held over a two-week period each May, August, and December. Any student-team finishing in 1st place in the GLO-BUS simulation exercise conducted at their school, college, or university will receive an invitation to participate in the BSI. All proceeds from the $US 10.00 registration fee paid by each participant are donated to The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF (

Past BSI Competitions

2016 May August
2015 May August December
2014 May August December
2013 May August December
2012 May August December
2011 May August December
2010 May August December
2009 May August December
2008 May December

BSI Schedule

BSI Event Invitations Issued Invitations Cease Acceptance Deadline Team Assignments Competition Begins Competition Ends
December 2016 November 21
(12 noon CST)
November 29
(12 noon CST)
November 30
(12:00 pm CST)
December 1
(3:00 pm CST)
December 5
(10:00 am CST)
December 16
(10:00 am CST)
May 2017 April 17
(12 noon CDT)
April 25
(12 noon CDT)
April 26
(12 noon CDT)
April 27
(3:00 pm CDT)
May 1
(10:00 am CDT)
May 12
(10:00 am CDT)
August 2016 July 17
(12 noon CDT)
July 25
(12 noon CDT)
July 26
(12 noon CDT)
July 27
(3:00 pm CDT)
July 31
(10:00 am CDT)
August 11
(10:00 am CDT)

Invitations Issued — Invitations are e-mailed to all teams that finished in 1st place in the GLO-BUS simulation exercise conducted at their school, college, or university.

Note to Instructors: Your simulation exercise is not officially complete and the winning team not determined until the last scheduled decision deadline has passed AND you have clicked the Certify link to acknowledge that the simulation exercise is indeed complete. If you do not click the Certify link then your simulation is automatically declared complete 30 days after the last scheduled decision deadline. Your winning team is not eligible for a BSI invitation until your simulation exercise is officially complete.

Invitations Cease — Invitation e-mails for the competition event are terminated at this day/time. Winners of simulation exercises ending after the invitation cut-off are eligible for the next competition.

Acceptance Deadline — The invitation e-mail (sent to each member of each eligible team) contains an 'acceptance' link. Any team member who wants to participate in the competition must click the link in the invitation e-mail to officially accept the invitation. All team members are not required to accept; if only one team member wants to participate then only one will accept the invitation.

Team Assignments — Participants who accept the invitation will receive an e-mail with their industry/company assignments for the competition and the necessary log-in information.

Competition Begins — The competition is held over a two-week period and consists of 10 decision-making rounds (Year 6 thru Y15) with deadlines each weekday at 10:00 am (U.S. Central Time). The Year 6 decision deadline is on Monday of the first week of the competition.

Competition Ends — The Year 15 decision deadline is on Friday of the last week of the competition. The winning team in each BSI industry is declared Grand Champion and awarded a BSI Grand Champion certificate.