Best-Strategy Invitational

The Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI) is a global competition among high-performing GLO-BUS companies from around the world. Hosted and administered by the GLO-BUS author team, the BSI is held over a two-week period each May, August, and December. Any student-team finishing in 1st place in the GLO-BUS simulation exercise conducted at their school, college, or university will receive an invitation to participate in the BSI. All proceeds from the $US 10.00 registration fee paid by each participant are donated to The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF (

Past BSI Competitions

2017 May
2016 May August December
2015 May August December
2014 May August December
2013 May August December
2012 May August December
2011 May August December
2010 May August December
2009 May August December
2008 May December
No further BSI Events are scheduled for the previous edition of Glo-Bus.