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What Is GLO-BUS?

GLO-BUS is a completely online exercise where teams of students run companies that are in a neck-and-neck race for global market leadership in two product categories: (1) wearable video cameras and (2) sophisticated camera-equipped copter drones. The companies compete in a global market arena, selling to buyers in four geographic regions—Europe-Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Company co-managers must make decisions relating to R&D, component usage, product performance, product line breadth, production operations, work force compensation, outsourcing, pricing, sales and marketing, finance, and corporate citizenship and social responsibility. The challenge is to craft and execute a competitive strategy that results in a respected brand image, keeps your company in contention for global market leadership, and produces good financial performance as measured by earnings per share, return on investment, stock price appreciation, and credit rating.

All aspects of the GLO-BUS simulation parallel the functioning of the real-world markets, thus allowing you and your co-managers to (1) think rationally and logically in deciding what to do and (2) get valuable practice in making a variety of different business decisions under circumstances that mirror real-world competitive conditions.

Why Do I Need to Register?

You must register in order to make decisions for your company, review the results and reports, take the accompanying online quizzes, and do the online peer evaluations; registration is also essential for your log-ins, quiz scores, strategic plan grade, and peer evaluations to be recorded and reported to your instructor for evaluation and grading.

What will I be purchasing when I register?

When you register you will be purchasing full privileges to use the GLO-BUS website ( and its software to run the company your instructor has assigned to you and your co-managers. Registration gains you anywhere, anytime access to all participant-related menus on GLO-BUS from any computer or device that is connected to the Internet with a HTML5-capable Web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Internet Explorer version 10 or higher). Registration ensures that your work will be reported to your instructor or game administrator for evaluation and grading. Your registration is valid until the course you are enrolled in is over. There’s an online Participant’s Guide (which you can print for handy reference). Built-in Help documents and Video Tutorials walk you through the decisions. A series of reports convey complete results for each decision period; these come with detailed descriptions of the numbers and graphics contained in the reports and how to use them.

Does Everyone on My Team Have to Register?

Yes. Only registered participants can log-in to make decisions, review results, take the online quizzes, do peer evaluations, receive instructor e-mails generated within the GLO-BUS software, and have their work evaluated and graded by the course instructor or game administrator. There are also occasions when all company co-managers will want to be online simultaneously with their own devices.

What Will be Reported to My Instructor?

This online edition of GLO-BUS automatically records and reports your quiz scores, your peer evaluations of co-managers, and your log-ins to your instructor. In addition, GLO-BUS generates a series of reports to your instructor/game administrator after each decision period; these mainly concern the performance of all companies in your industry. Your instructor/game administrator can access most all aspects of your company’s operations and decisions at any time; likewise, the frequency and duration of your log-ins are also available to your instructor at all times.

What Can I Expect to Learn?

GLO-BUS is a hands-on learning exercise that draws together the information and lessons of prior courses, consolidates your knowledge about the different aspects of running a company, builds your confidence in analyzing the revenue-cost-profit economics of a business, helps you understand how the functional pieces of a business fit together, provides valuable practice in crafting profitable growth strategies, sharpens your business judgment, and provides a capstone for your business school education. You will gain some useful experience and practice in assessing business risk, analyzing industry and competitive conditions, making decisions from a companywide perspective, thinking strategically about a company's market position and the kinds of actions it will take to improve it, developing strategies and revising them in light of changing conditions, and applying what you have learned in business school.

The bottom line is that GLO-BUS adds value by strengthening your preparation for a career in business and management. Further, we predict that GLO-BUS will make your competitive juices flow and that you will have a lot of fun.

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